Welcome to our UFO Sightings community created by enthusiasts and believers just like you! We're thrilled you've joined us on this journey through the cosmos. Our task, one we fully embrace, is gathering and publishing UFO sightings in a discreet way from across the world.

As a community, we want you to know that sharing this knowledge isn't just a pastime for us, but rather our purpose. Our platform is built upon curiosity that brings together people from all walks of life who share a similar fascination for the unknown. Drawing on the power of collective intelligence, we believe that together, we can bring light to the cryptic phenomena in our skies.

Around here, every member plays a vital role. From the dedicated users who share their exhilarating sightings, to those who engage in spirited discussions and rating the quality of all submissions, we all contribute to the body of knowledge that helps us better understand what's truly out there.

You're not just a visitor to our site; you're an explorer, a believer, a vital part of our global community. You and us together, we're forming a network that spans across borders — one that fuels curiosity and keeps the spirit of exploration alive. We couldn't be more excited to have you with us!

Our Values & Mission

As we dive deeper into the exploration of the unknown, we always bear in mind that carrying out our mission with utmost transparency and credibility is crucial. We understand that building trust is a strong foundation for an enthusiastic, curious community like ours, and we are dedicated to fostering this trust with transparency and integrity.

To ensure our platform remains a sanctuary where truth and curiosity meet and coincide, we don't censor any content. We trust in the collective wisdom and discernment of you, our valued community members. You have the power to vote for content and reports you find noteworthy or fascinating. If a report or associated comments receive a too low grading from our collective community, they are removed. This way, we ensure the authenticity and reliability of what we share is maintained – by us, for us.

At the same time, we deeply respect and uphold your right to anonymity. We know that reports of this kind, on UFO sightings, can sometimes be greeted with skepticism, even ridicule. To make sure no one has to risk their personal reputation when contributing to our shared quest of exploration, we guarantee that your anonymity will be protected. Your courage and desire to share your experiences shouldn’t come at any personal cost.

This delicate balance between transparency, community judgment, and individual protection is what keeps us on track to fulfilling our mission. Together, we will continue to foster an environment that values truth, integrity, and privacy as we venture into the unknown. Rest assured, in this fascinating quest, you are not alone!

Open-Source Initiative

In our collective effort to expand our understanding, we believe that sharing is paramount. To make our search more collective, and to enrich our journey with the contribution of bright minds, we've decided to open the doors a little wider.

We are thrilled to announce that most parts of our app are going open-source. In simple terms, open-source means sharing how our app works. It’s much like revealing the recipe behind a tasty dish. We give you the ingredients and the method, and invite you to explore, modify, try new things, and improve the result if you can!

Our decision to go open-source is a testament to our commitment to transparency and our belief in the strength of our community. We can't wait to see how this step encourages a broader sharing of ideas and insights, and opens up even more opportunities for everyone involved.

Remember, every contribution matters - whether you’re reporting a sighting, participating in a discussion, or diving into the code of our app. You’re an integral part of our journey toward understanding the unknown.

Our Open-Source Timeline

First, a few words acknowledging our current state: We want to assure you that although our code hasn't been published yet, our commitment to becoming an open-source platform remains resolute. We understand your anticipation to delve into the nitty-gritty of our algorithms and contribute your fresh narratives, but we're currently at a phase akin to carefully drafting a piece of music — ensuring every note resonates harmoniously before it's performed in front of an audience. We're putting all our effort into making our algorithms cleaner and easily consumable, modularizing our code into tidy, dynamic packages. Once these essentials are accomplished, our backstage will be all set to hit the spotlight. Your patience is deeply appreciated.

Now, here's a tentative timeline that will guide us through our progression to becoming open-source:

  • 09/19/2023: _Fine Tuning_. A meticulous review and refinement of our code to ensure its optimal engagement across platforms.
  • 12/01/2023: _Modularization_. Breaking down our algorithms into independent, easily understandable components for better customization and improvements from the community.
  • 02/01/2024: _Documentation_. An essential step where we will detail everything from project setup to a deep dive into the various functionalities.
  • 02/15/2024: _Final Review_. A rigorous test of our software, squashing bugs, and smoothing edges.
  • 04/20/2024: _The Grand Opening_. Unveiling our source code to the public.

It's important to note that our timeline, while reflective of our intent and ambition, is subject to changes. The dates provided are not fixed. This is because we want to make sure that we're putting forth the best version of our App to the community. If at any stage we identify key areas that necessitate further refinement, or should unexpected issues arise that require our immediate attention for the quality and experience of our users, we may need to shift our focus temporarily. In such events, priority will be given to resolving these challenges before we progress further on the open-source path.