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Clear weather, taken photos from Lemon Grove to Mt Laguna snow top, object above My Laguna.

UFO Sighting in California, El Cajon on 02/11/2024
Surrounding Military Bases
  1. Beale Air Force Base
  2. Camp Pendleton
  3. Edwards Air Force Base
  4. Fort Irwin
  5. Naval Base Coronado
  6. Naval Base Point Loma
  7. Naval Base San Diego
  8. Naval Air Station Lemoore
  9. Naval Air Station North Island
  10. Travis Air Force Base
  11. Vandenberg Air Force Base
Surrounding Nuclear Plants
  1. Diablo Canyon Power Plant
  2. San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
  3. Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant
  4. Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station
Starlink Visibility Status

Starlink satellites were not visible in the sky at this location on the date of the sighting.