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it's been going on for a.while.naw I see it every other night it always goes in the watch it all the time it goes different colours from red to a.bright.white.colour and not all the time but some times it changes shape it's really mad to watch but it's really interested it's always dark and at night when every ones a.sleep but I'm watching and when I'm up to it 1 night I'm going to walk up and record it and see what's going on coz this has been.going on for a while naw ever since I move in my room I started seeing it every other night but I will get to the bottom of it haha I will wright.another 1 if it keeps going on thanks for reading this this is the.gods.honest truth what I'm wrighting I've got no reason to lie

UFO Sighting in England, Durham on 11/30/2023
Surrounding Military Bases
  1. RAF Waddington
  2. RAF Lakenheath
  3. RAF Mildenhall
  4. RAF Alconbury
  5. RAF Menwith Hill
  6. RAF Croughton
  7. RAF Molesworth
  8. RAF Mount Pleasant
  9. Royal Marines Base Chivenor
  10. HMS Collingwood
Surrounding Nuclear Plants
  1. Sizewell nuclear power stations
  2. Hinkley Point nuclear power stations
  3. Dungeness nuclear power stations
  4. Bradwell nuclear power station
  5. Hartlepool nuclear power station
  6. Heysham nuclear power station
  7. Torness nuclear power station
Starlink Visibility Status

Starlink satellites were visible in the sky at this location on the date of the sighting.