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it was 10 feet it was a alien it came out of its ship and it ran fast the ufo ship looks like a triangle it was a mother ship it was 70 meters the weather was hot

UFO Sighting in New York, Montauk on 02/11/2024
Surrounding Military Bases
  1. Fort Hamilton
  2. Watervliet Arsenal
  3. West Point Military Academy
  4. Fort Drum
  5. Saratoga Springs Naval Support Unit
  6. Hancock Field Air National Guard Base
  7. Stewart Air National Guard Base
Surrounding Nuclear Plants
  1. Indian Point Energy Center
  2. James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant
  3. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant
  4. Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station
Starlink Visibility Status

Starlink satellites were not visible in the sky at this location on the date of the sighting.