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partly cloudy sun was up and it's there always daily it was close about 8 thousand feet up it changes shape,Moves fast and slow it shows up at dusk at night then leaves about a hour and a half after sun up

saw multiple craft like always everyday clear skys double tail and multiple color craft as you will see here.

Shape shifter craft enormous in size as it was 2 miles or so away but in our atmosphere,Clear skys, Duration allnight and after the sun comes up they leave in a hour or so after about 8am and come back at dusk,From Arizona to Texas I have seen them daily for over a year

perfect clear skys,I'm showed Everytime they call to me subconsciously.First very close about 5 football fields,Then it went further so I hiked into the canyon..Very nice show.

I have been seeing these U.F.O.s for over a year daily from Arizona to Texas.

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