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It was 7.30 pm and I was taking the dog out, there were a few clouds all moving from west to east but you could glimpse the sky with its stars. About 12/15 bright objects like stars (some more, some less) passed right above me, moving from east to west (against the wind), slightly luminescent static lights as they moved. Very fast pace, all scattered here and there. No plane noise, if they had been military planes they would have made a loud noise for all those that were there (usually one alone makes a very loud noise) and airliners do not fly so close to each other as well as having red and white flashing lights (which these did not have). I saw the same phenomenon about 10 days ago but they were moving in the opposite direction. In both cases I made videos, I hope you can see the lights because I did it with my phone, a Samsung S22. They were very high in the distance from me but I could not indicate how much. It was only me and my dog, it was very dark.

I see a objected in the sky every other night it's always there it goes different colleges it's always there for a few hours it goes big and goes in a different shape it's always in the same place and it goes very low and disserpears but where it's at there's lots of feels I'm going to have a walk up some time but it's always dark and at night

i have 2 pictures and i do believe my daughter caught some thing Black Unidentified above clouds, if you can could you please take a look thank you, she flew from Uk, Newcastle International Airport to Benidorm Spain on 1st june 2023 Time on photo details are UK time 10:59 am, the 2 photos show a Black object in the cloud on picture 1 zoomed in you can see it clearly , then 2nd picture took from same angle through the planes window in the same time uk time 10:59am shows object out the cloud and the sun is still in frame. The pictures taken after that you can clearly see sun is still in frame and the black object is actually not their. I have looked at the pictures over and over and I can't explain what I can see I need help to get a answer. My daughter and her partner never saw this Black object at the time but I did after she sent me the photos, the weather is very clear as you can see in photos, approx distance I can not say as they are in air on plane, object looks like oval shape or round and I couldn't possibly know movement

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