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I was with my friends outside my house and we saw some very striking lights together, I immediately pulled out my cell phone and took a picture, it was still, the lights were turning on and off, then it disappeared.

3 lights on the horizon that are observed at the same time, which sometimes flash a lot of light and other times are dimmer. I have been watching them for an hour and they have been slowly moving, appearing increasingly to the left on the horizon.

Hello, for several days now, moving lights have been seen heading south below the Southern Cross, appearing in pairs or sets of three from west to east and then disappearing and reappearing. Some lights shine very brightly before turning off and disappearing, and we are several people who have seen them, they appear after 12 AM looking south...

Around 21:36, a light similar to a star passed above us, we do not know if it was a satellite or what.

My name is Oscar Mario Ponce, I am a ufologist and author of several books on the subject, I know how to identify a UFO, as I have conceptual and analytical tools to investigate the facts.
On December 31, 2023, on the eve of the New Year, we were with my family on the heights of my house, when my daughter, seeing a beautiful moon, pointed her camera at it.
Later, we noticed when looking at the photo, that the moon was not the only thing that appeared in the picture.
We took a second photo, (the time that object was in the air lasted from a few days to ten minutes, time enough to repeat shot.
It moved from north to south and was at an approximate distance of about 500 meters, its shape was characteristic of two superimposed plates.
The next day I asked at the local airport service, and there were no flights at those times, nor were meteorological probes launched, or anything of the sort. I also found out at the local channel and they told me there were no reports of any sightings that day.
After several days (January 8, 2024) I went to visit a friend from the countryside, and he told me, without me telling him anything, he mentioned that he saw strange lights in the sky and that the next day, he can't explain how, or why the water had disappeared from the cows' drinking troughs.
I am currently still investigating the incident.

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clear night, a few kms away, lights orbs moving un different directions slowly and fading away, 45 minutes, 2 more witness in a diferent location

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