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luzes vermelhas e azuis e brancas, maiores que uma estrela, estava paaradoo no céu, mas de repente se movia devagar para cima e para os lados, brilhoso, na altura acima do telhado, mas parecia bem distante.

It always appears here near the sugar cane area, I've seen it about three times. There were also reports and footage from nearby people who saw one recently coming out of the canes around 6:30. It hovered in the air for a few minutes then came towards town and then concealed itself.

Lights that appear and disappear in the sky. More than 20 occurrences yesterday in the early morning. I see them every clear sky night. It's not Starlink or satellites.

It was cloudy, a UFO shaped like a pyramid, only I saw, it was a yellow and green point moving faster than a plane, it lasted about 3 minutes.

I have been observing these lights in the sky every day, at the same time. This makes it easier to check for satellite occurrences using apps like Heavens Above. I made the best possible filming and it's astounding. They are lights that turn on, turn off, fly in formation and go in all directions. Using the city of Salvador - Brazil, they appear to the southwest 135 degrees, above only the Atlantic, near Scorpio, Lupus, astral triangle.

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