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Yes, I believe I saw the same thing. It was I've read about 500 feet in the air.

clear evening. looking south east over Lake Ontario. spouse and I out looking for satalites. spotted what we thought was one, higher then the plane we also saw east of it. but it was blurry like an aora around it. and travelling slower? it traveled a minute maybe then it stopped. a puff of mist? exhaust? emanates to the front of the object. still stopped the puff grew symmetricly out in front. as the puff disapated the object began moving again but two luminated objects contunued and then disappeared.

Finally at my real life destination. noticed that counties like the Netherlands were permissible in this reality. but for now since not wanted or highly wanted have moved to an island to escape. the "center" seems satanic. I have provided the death star codes. They are attached.

silver disk went past my window over a car on the road no sound no exhaust and very low to ground. weather was clear no clouds no wind and object was very big

I was driving alone in my car. it was clear out at 915 pm. it was dark. I frequently look at the stars. so when I saw it, I knew it didn't belong. it was 3 lights in a V shape. I thot how strange. all of a sudden the 2 lights at the top of the V came together to join a straight line top to bottem. then all of a sudden they vanished.

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On October 3, 2023, an unidentified object sparked intrigue in Laval, Quebec, Canada. The entity made noises reminiscent of a thunderstorm but the weather forecast showed only clouds. The observer saw anomalous flashes darting into their room and three lights moving in perfect circles in the sky. The curious event was further stirred by a possible link to Starlink.

Another notable event happened in Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada, on September 18, 2023. Witnesses described spotting saucer-like UFOs, around 4 meters wide, casually roaming in the sky for a few nights. Unlike the previous sighting, this series of events were not associated with Starlink.

In contrast to these sightings, a truly astonishing event took place in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, on September 9, 2022. A bright orb was seen exploring the landscape with intelligent behavior, moving at incredible speeds, and abruptly stopping. It was reported that the object shape-shifted and changed colors. The sightings were recorded and shared on YouTube by the observer, but they were not related to Starlink.

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Bright ball in the sky, glistening like a camera flash, moving in an unpredictable, erratic way. This thing looked smart and seemed to "explore" the l...

i was in my bed calling with my friend and when I looked outside I heard sound coming from the sky I thought it was actually a thunderstorm but when I...

On November 7th, 1990 I was the first to report what turned out to be the largest UFO sighting in Canada. I was at that time the lifeguard at the Hote...

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