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It was 5:30 pm, I was crossing the bridge to catch the Transmilenio bus. As I was about to take out my phone, I suddenly saw a spherical dark metallic colored object in the sky. The object was moving slowly from east to west at the height of an 80 meters tall tree. I couldn't look away as I was stunned, trying to recognize what it was but I had never seen anything like it before. It was slowly ascending, I tried to take pictures of it, wondering if it would catch anyone else's attention but I was the only one seeing it even though I was openly taking pictures. I was shocked as the object flew very slowly towards a military school that was in the direction it was heading.

6 UFOs at different times from 6pm to 7pm watching the app's airplane radar, no airplane was flying at the time. They moved like an airplane but disappeared from their trajectory in a clear sky.

Many very intense random lights with irregular movements on January 20th at 6 pm in the rural area of Zapatoca in Colombia.

There is a UFO above the virgin of El Panecillo that is yellow and its light is very intense.

UFO captured I believe that the Blu Bin project started kskskss.

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