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When I was out on my bike, I saw a UFO over a house. Later, when I watched the video again, I realized there were actually 3 UFOs.

ich bin mit dem Rad unterwegs gewesen als ich zwischen Buchberg und Forst war hab ich über dem Bauernhaus ein Ufo stehen sehn.... als ich des Video später nochmal angesehen hab , hab ich erst gemerkt das es 3 UFOs waren ...

clear sky,saw about 8 to 10 lights ordered in perfect line,and after 1 minute one by one just dissapeared

It was already dark when I set off towards the forest with my two sons, 7 and 11, my wife, and our dog. My boys found it very creepy to walk through the forest in such darkness, but they wanted some thrill. We drove deep into the forest with our car because there is a parking space there. We walked approximately 500m when it started to get really creepy. What happened next was somehow too fast. We saw a large round ball, shimmering orange-red like fire, about 200-300 metres away. From our distance, it seemed to be like 2 metres in front of us. It came out of the forest and flew slowly, about 5 meters high, towards a part of the forest where there had been a significant fire six days before. I have never seen anything like it. My younger son started crying and the older one just wanted to get out of there. My wife doesn't usually believe in such things, but since that night, she does. It looked fascinating and was definitely not from here. Maybe it was from the forest, I have no idea. I was also pretty panicked and walked backwards, but somehow wanted to run over there to see what it was. However, I couldn't manage to get my phone out, it was unthinkable at that moment. We were all shocked and as if numbed. We went back to that place a day later when it was light. None of us had an explanation...

Hello, I saw an extremely bright point in the sky last night (from 23.30). The weather in the evening was normal, a bit of wind but not much. It was slightly cloudy. The object seemed round to me. I stared at it for a long time until I took out my phone to zoom in on the image and possibly see a bit more. I also took a few pictures and perhaps hope that someone here might have the ability to enlarge it even more.
My friend was with me and after almost a quarter of an hour he asked "Why are you staring at the North Star?" but it was not Polaris. Because that's in Ursa Minor. It wasn't Sirius either, which is in Ursa Major. What I saw was next to the constellation "Swan"
I can't tell you how high up it was, but it was damn bright, brighter than Polaris! It seemed to me as if what I saw had a huge flashlight on. I tried to make a video, but that didn't work. It moved, but only minimally. If I held it up long enough, it changed its shape (unfortunately I don't have this on a picture, I couldn't press so fast /I try to find a comparable picture and add it as a comment). A bit after 0:00 we walked home, it was still shining in the sky. It wasn't there anymore this morning. Today it's too cloudy to see anything.. But I drove home about 15min ago, saw the constellation "Swan" again, but there was nothing there.

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Highlight One: A remarkable sighting of a UFO was reported on the 17th of September, 2023 in Aachen, Germany. The observer noticed a bright yellow light soaring through the clouds at 8:50 pm. It was continuously in motion, with the impressive brightness illuminating the surrounding clouds. Despite being shrouded by clouds, it was still discernible that the celestial object was not a star or satellite. The observer strongly speculated it was related to Starlink.

Highlight Two: The previous day on the 16th of September, 2023, also in Aachen, Germany, there was another mesmerizing incident of a bright light floating high in the northeast direction observed at 7:45pm. Loitering under the cloudy sky, the light suddenly vanished, only to reappear at 8:50 pm, this time in the northwest. As the glowing light ascended, it illuminated the clouds around it before finally getting entirely masked by the cloud cover, leaving only a residual glow visible.

  • Highlight Three: There were two other notable observations. The first was reported in Brilon, Germany, on the 7th of February, 2023, where the observer compared the unidentified object to a balloon. However, its swift, wave-like, and unnatural movement raised questions about the object's true nature. This sighting also had a high probability of being associated with Starlink.
  • The second report came from Marburg, Germany on the 30th of March, 2023. The observer reported bright lights lurking behind the clouds, mysteriously remaining stationary at times, and other times on the move. This sighting, also, was probably linked with Starlink.

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It reminded me of a balloon. However, the movement was a bit faster than a balloon and wavelike and just unnatural.

Bright lights behind the clouds. Sometimes moving, sometimes standing still.

Incredible! I am the one guy from the UFO in Aachen Germany. Yesterday 2 sights and today at the same time! 8:50 pm there was a yellow light again fly...

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