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it was moving as faster then a jet moving object about 12 of them I 1 hour

It was almost midnight. I was chatting with my family members. When I went into the toilet suddenly I noticed a small beam of light that was spherical in shape through the window that is situated at a height. Though at first it seemed to be an ordinary star to me but upon taking a closer look it seemed to me as if the object was blinking continuously.Moreover the object didn't appear to stay in that position for long. It was as if the object was moving swiftly from left towards right and again in upward direction. I don't know whether it's a UFO or not but this object doesn't seem to be a star to me. Also the weather was clear at the night. My parents also took a look at this object and they even found it to be some what strange. Not somewhat like a typical night star. The object was almost there for about 20 to 30 minutes before getting vanished from that spot. Just after we all left from the bathroom about 10 minutes later the object went missing. I really don't understand what kind of object it actually was

cold. wave circle right Koramangala shanthi it wired big fat little in back home

i saw a bright moving object in the sky it's very bright like a bulb so it closed my eyes for some 2 seconds after opening my eyes 👀 it disappeared I don't know what is that 🛸

My name is Alex Carrara and I am 17 years of age. My family live in Geneva, Switzerland. We were spending the Christmas holidays in Kimsar, Rajahstan State, India. On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1997 I was standing outside our rented villa with my parents and brother and sister when we noticed a crowd of ten to twelve local people looking up at the sky. When we looked up also, we were struck by the sight of a bright yellow or orange UFO, soundless, with a yellow-orange glow or aura emanating from it. The UFO approached Kimsar from the East at an extremely high altitude flying about at between 50 to 70 degrees above the horizon. Some of the local witnesses argued that it was a satellite, but the direction of the object wasn't straight like a satellite. The object followed three different courses. I know the sky well and have been studying astronomy for years. I know this was not a star. It couldn't have been a distant electric light because there are no lights in Kimsar because there is no electricity. The UFO performed its strange turning manoeuvres for another five minutes before it disappeared in the West. We were left in doubt about what we had all seen. It was spectacular and strange to witness.

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My name is Alex Carrara and I am 17 years of age. My family live in Geneva, Switzerland. We were spending the Christmas holidays in Kimsar, Rajahstan ...

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