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3:20 PM 1000 m circular fast 5:23 sec. no witness

An oval object of reflective metallic color reflecting the sun's rays at low altitude, stationary at 16:05 on 15/02/2024. I can't tell the duration of the sighting as I was driving, but it was so clear that my 4-year-old daughter said "mom it's a balloon". I stopped to understand, and honestly, I don't know what it was. This oval of reflective metallic color, being at a low altitude, its proportions, color, and shape did not seem like a familiar object.

I had just left the Conad on Venezia Street in Parma, waiting for the taxi, and in the sky I saw this strange object. Motionless, it was making no sound. It had a horizontal shape, but its actual shape was not visible. I understood it from the distribution of the lights that were slowly flashing red, blue, and white. Therefore, it couldn't even be a star, because they don't have flashing colors... when the taxi arrived, I showed it to the taxi driver as well.

UFO with black silhouette 100m from earth, oval shape, duration of 10s

Clear weather, distance about 500 meters, circular shape. I noticed after looking at the photos again.

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I am Major Francesco Zoppi, formerly Chief pilot of the Orsa Maggiore Squadron of the Italian Army Light Aircraft Corps, 21st Helicopter Group. On Oct...

we three friends got a drunk in the Grottarossa parc and suddenly one friend spotted sky ask what is that. object is almost like train in the sky. li...

it was around 10pm and I leave the house and I see this metallic thing moving in the sky, a disk to be precise, I ask for an explanation, thanks

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