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They were black figures coming out of some flashes of light as if it were a sunbeam.

A white flash in the shape of a circle moved quickly in a straight line from north to east. It was seen lower than a commercial airplane. It made no noise and did not flicker. Two more people saw it. It went back and moved quickly.

I saw this in the sky and things that came out of a huge light.

Yesterday I saw a UFO, yes I saw a UFO with my dad at night in Mexico City. I was walking calmly and suddenly I saw a strange thing flying in a circular motion.

sevio for half an hour and did not move
shape .flat
4:30 witnesses no

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My name is Leopoldo Morales and I am an airline pilot. On Saturday, January 3, 1998, at 3 am, I was standing on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, a seasid...

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