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The UFO appeared during the day, I managed to take a picture but right after the picture the UFO disappeared in the blink of an eye, it was silver and far away from me, it was bright and round, no one else noticed it.

Today, while going outside and taking a picture at the monument, I noticed a flying saucer moving very quickly.

On 03.02.2024 at the Biedronka store in Zakopane, I noticed a white round object. The object was moving east, very quickly, about 300km/h but I'm not sure. It was cloudless.

Light cloudiness, the shape of objects resembling a triangle, objects were separating and combining, initially there were 4, they disappeared after a while, reappeared after about 40 seconds, only to disappear again and no longer appear, the objects were shining with a soft orange light with a green halo, it lasted about 1.5 minutes.

It was cloudy, the object was about 110m away, it was hard to determine the shape as it shone so brightly that the room was as light as day, it hovered in the air for 1.5 seconds and then flew away. The cameras turned off at the time they were seen.

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