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I saw a UFO over the church at around 23:00. It looked like either a circle or a triangle, it was momentary and I couldn't make it out. After 1 minute the object disappeared.

It was May 9, 2023, I was walking around the city and saw a bright white fire in the sky, it was not moving and then closer to sunset it just disappeared.

The UFO was just a white dot. There is an airport near us so it could have been an airplane, or maybe not. The weather was bad, visibility was poor.

I was looking out the window and spotted a UFO hovering over the forest.... It was a whole FLEET of UFOs!!!! Since I live close to a forest area, about 1km from me, maybe less, it was white lights in the sky as not very rarely reported) it was in the evening at about 16:56.. as I already said it was a flotilla of white spherical UFOs. I observed for approximately 20 minutes. They were mostly stationary.

Three glowing objects were moving in a circle for z minutes, then moved upwards at a tremendous speed. Four people were observing.

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Hello! Alexey Vladimirovich Tikhonov, a resident of Tikhvin, a small town in beautiful Russia. I want to tell you about an incredible and mysterious...

then I was fishing we with my friend was a fast matte gray figure flying at us, after it started to sinking in 1 or 2 meters from us. suddenly we mad...

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