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Not sure what this was. Got super excited. A friend suggested space junk? But wtf flys past the screen at the end? Definitely was not a satellite as it was moving way too slowly. It was in site for 5 to 8 minutes before the clouds covered it. Clear day for the most part, a bit of cloud coverage. No idea on distance but clearly further than the visible clouds. Too small for me to tell the exact shape

Hi everyone, I from Deneysville South Africa in the Northern Free State province. The weather was clear with stars clearly viewed at that time of the night as I was about to go to work for my second watch shift. I saw this lights up the in the sky moving independently, going bright and deem and disappearing from that hour till around 01h30am.At around 23h45 I was already at my duty post as tower guard at this correctional facility am working at.We see this lights every night with my son to a point that am getting used to them. Am aware of Starlink, helicopter, Cesnar plane or Jet lights but what I see is very much defferent from all that.How I wish to have a photo or video to show just our phone don't take good pictures.

It was a long time ago, I was very young (10), me and my family had emigrated to South Africa from Scotland UK. One night I was out in the backyard by myself, it was evening although still light, it was cloudy but the moon was shinning through, big moon and there was what looked like three lights/stars shining bright, I continued to watch the sky and one of the lights started moving, left, right, up, down quite fast, zig zagging, the other two weren't moving, just the light at the bottom of the triangle formation of lights. All of a sudden as I watched the moving light it disappeared to the right, gone leaving the other two by themselves, I continued to watch, suddenly it reappeared but from the opposite (left) direction, and stopped precisely, exactly from the point that it had began in triangle formation with the other two. It had taken me many years to gather that the light/star/UFO/whatever had traversed around the world in seconds 😳 I was very young when I seen what i seen, nobody I told about it believed me, thought I was nuts but I can still remember like it happened yesterday, I am a believer absolutely without a doubt. 😁👽

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It was a long time ago, I was very young (10), me and my family had emigrated to South Africa from Scotland UK. One night I was out in the backyard by...

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