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Several points of light coming out from the same place in the sky and each moving in a different direction at high speeds.

Day 3-4 and today 5, a UFO spotted from Tarragona city - it's more than 10 thousand meters high, as planes pass underneath it. It can be perfectly seen at night in front of the sea and above Tarragona. Approximate digital zoom 350, a colorful sphere that moves within the screen, on Friday Saturday not so much above Tarragona city, today very high up at the height of the Mediterranean balcony. 112 and TV3 were informed.

Sighting of several objects, one descended to the mountain of Montserrat in front of the Bruc area, and another continued towards the Ódena area. We saw it from the road while driving. The object was flying at a height too high to be a helicopter, and lower than a plane. The shape of the object was in the form of an L with 3 lights that blinked every 4 seconds. There was quite a lot of police activity. It stopped between the mountains in the Ódena area and the Bruc. I was with my partner in the car.

Clear sky with a small white cloud, large white luminous object, without flickering, north-south direction. I say this thinking it's the international station due to its size. I disregard it being a plane because I see the flights from Barajas passing by. It disappeared after 2, I didn't have time to record, it wasn't a meteorite either as its direction was from bottom to top and very fast, without flickering or smoke flashes.

Clear weather, unknown distance, object shape: bright spherical light, straight movement, duration 4 seconds, 2 witnesses. Flashing object in the sky that is not a plane, drone, or satellite, I have aeronautical radio to monitor planes and it was not one.

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Me acerqué a la playa,voy cuando miré al horizonte, habían 3 objetos luminosos, moviéndose erráticamente, sólo pude captar uno....

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