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Strange things were flying around my house and terrifying sounds were coming at night.

Weird things were flying around my house and something that looked like two aliens was passing by at night.

The weather is clear, there are no clouds in the sky. I watched for about 40 minutes around 3 in the morning. Its shape was perfectly spherical and it was radiating a beam of light upwards. After moving slowly in the sky, from right to left, it sped up at the end of 40 minutes and went south towards Ankara and disappeared from sight after 3-4 seconds.

Same as the previous night. Random moves, rapid ,,jumps". These photos are not so good because my hand was shaking mainly because that's a shocking thing. It's here for at least three nights, always on move.

A strange light moving in random directions, slowing down quickly. Some images where taken with a phone.

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