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OK another iss video caught just now and they visibly move camera around to follow object. First video I had to record off the saved file on my tablet as it caught it a bit earlier than my phone did on the second video. object clearly moved backwards away from iss at speed then stayed stationary at a set distance for about 4 min before they turned off

this is just a brief video off what I saw for few seconds on the iss app before they turned off

a orange ball of light similar to the size of a star , heading south east , no noise , very slow moving if thought to be a meteor .

A follow up from my last entry form yesterday when I was walking my dog. These were taken in the early evening. Very clear sky, no stars or clouds to be seen... I do have a video but each time I try to upload it this app crashes...

I was out walking my dog around 2pm and I had this incredible feeling. Something told me to turn around. I turned around and my eyes were like I was tripping, it was like the trees had halos around them, like they were watching me. I took some pictures. It felt like the sky was talking to me. I looked up, completely clear blue sky with no clouds or anything visible in the sky. It appeared long enough to capture, the disappeared.

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On October 4, 2023, a report was made of an unusual silver object in the morning sky of Inverness, Scotland. The eye-catching event was described as the object sitting still for about 20 seconds before it quickly shot up into the sky and disappeared out of view.

Just days prior, on September 30, 2023, a second observation in Sutton, England was reported. The witness mentioned spotting an unidentifiable flying object during a day of mixed sun and cloud. The object was described as a round, pure white body that was observed to be moving at a noticeable angle and spinning slightly. Eyewitnesses were fortunate enough to have captured a video of this intriguing occurrence.

A final notable sighting was reported on September 15, 2023, in Elgin, Scotland. According to the individual that spotted it, a silver object was seen in the sky for just a moment before it disappeared from sight. The statement further mentioned that the event was so brief that one could have missed it with a simple blink of the eye.

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Shiny object stationary over the wind turbines. Very odd shape. Was there clear as day one moment and then it vanished! very bizarre...

a circled silver object staying still for a little second and then it was gone if you blinked you would of missed it

high winds, partially cloudy. Object moved in an odd way and changed shape, after ten minutes it's a dot. me and my partner saw it.

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