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From: Patrick Singh I, live in Mountain View, California, close to Moffet Air Force, Army, and Navy Military Base and N.A.S.A. and LockHeed exists, whereas, on many nights in the year of 2023 and beforehand, and mostly in the Summer I thought in my mind to ask my Brothers and Sisters from another worlds in the Heavens to show their flying vessels to me, and they have many times to me. I witnessed on many occasions at night a 50+ fleet of blue ships shrouded by a blue haze flying in a straight formation, somewhat like the blue haze around the vessels a force field, I am assuming. I even called my mom on a night to see them. They can hear my mind, because almost every time I ask them to show themselves, they do. Now, I know they are all good beings, because in the Holy Bible, in the Book of Acts, Jesus Christ, says to the Apostles that they can build other perfect worlds and perfect life, because the Kingdom Of Heaven was already created, except in our World, until GOD, WILLS IT. Now, Hilary Clinton in one of her 2016 Presidential Debates, she says she has met some of these Brothers and Sisters from other Heavenly Worlds and Heavenly Rooms, and she won the 2016 Presidential Electoral Votes, Where as TRUMP and Russia Hacked the Electoral Votes by computer hacking, Hilary would have let the rest of the world make contact with our Heavenly Brothers and Sisters. She wanted to make our lives for the better and show us many things that our other Presidents hid from us, except President J.F. Kennedy. President Kennedy, also met our Brothers and Sisters from the Heavens and he also wanted the world to meet them, so that is one reason why he was assassinated. Now do not believe in the movies, that portray them as aliens to do harm to others or our world. Think them as Guardian Angels watching over us. Keep Watching the Heavens and Praying to GOD for Understanding His Righteous Willfull Plan for You, my Brothers and Sisters. GOD wants us to be GOOD to one another, and Charitable to the poor and needy, even giving your life to your friends and preaching GODS Holy Words. I Love you Brothers and Sisters, and may GOD give you all Righteous Understanding. I, am signing off.

I went to the window to find a ufo looking object, somewhere at night, it wasn't a reflection, then it just zoomed away with green particles behind it

Strange things were flying around my house and terrifying sounds were coming at night.

I saw a giant ufo cigar shape like object in the sky. It went from the ground watched it rise right up into the sky, and come back down so close to the to the ground that I've seen some things in my life Emmitt! Also an angel in the clouds and two orbs for show in a safer place. I can't handle anymore.

Orbs sightings. Multiple orbs. Show signs of Trinity. highly intelligent seraphim and cherebum

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On October 5th, 2023, an eyewitness in Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal spotted a mysterious, fast-moving object in the night sky. Unlike typical satellites, it was blinking with significant intensity and traveling from south to north at an estimated altitude of 40°. The observer, a long-term enthusiast of the night sky was unable to recognize this phenomena. There is even a video available showcasing this enigmatic event.

On the same day in Durant, Oklahoma, United States, a driver and his mother witnessed an unusual spectacle. They described the object as being similar in size to a jumbo airliner, completely white and moving in an uncharacteristic manner across the sky. The object sank towards the ground and was lost from sight. The observer compared its shape to a "white tic-tac".

Previous day, on October 4th, 2023, an unusual sighting was reported in Inverness, Scotland. The observer reported a silver object, stationary in the morning sky for an estimated duration of 20 seconds. Suddenly, the object ascended vertically at a high speed and completely disappeared from view. This event garnered a total of six votes, emphasizing its noticeable peculiarity.

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