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looks like a star but moves in any direction was 42 degrees clear skies

it's there every night just flying around it's circular with lights around it

woke up to my alarm for work. took the pups out. daily routine. there was a lightning storm and I thought it looked pretty so I went and grabbed my phone to record it. I still have the video. I don't want to post publicly. as I was recording, I noticed these lights behind the clouds where the lightening was, when one suddenly moved. I just want to know what this is. maybe some kind of refraction, i don't know. please contact me in private.

5 red circular objects merged into one large red circular object , emit a thin red burst upward, and drifted below the tree line. I saw 5 red circular objects in a circular pattern then they came together into one large red circular object. The object drifted slowly down toward the horizon from about 40 degrees elevation. After 15 seconds a thin meteor like red light was emitted from the object and disappeared in a few seconds toward the sky. The object continued to drift downward toward the horizon and slowly disappeared below the tree line. The entire episode was about a minute. I met a neighbor two days later that had seen this same large red circular object in the same southwest direction at the same time when she was walking around 6:30 pm and described the same size and motion that I saw.

Large red lights merging into one and descending to the horizon and ejecting a meteor like tail toward the sky before complete descent. I looked toward the west /southwest from my carport. I saw 5 red circular objects in a circular pattern about 40 degrees above the horizon. After a few seconds they came together into 1 large circular object. The large circle of red light continued to slowly descend toward the tree line. After about 20 seconds a thin red flare shot from the center of the circle toward the sky. The large object continued to slowly descend below the tree line. It appeared to be at least one mile away, although difficult to say exactly. From my perspective it was larger than the appearance of a full moon.

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Highlight 1: July 24, 2023 - A circular craft with lights all around it was recorded flying over Picayune, Mississippi, United States. Observed to fly around every night, it sparked numerous sightings and discussions amongst the locals, generating 14 votes, with 10 positive and 4 negative. Speculations hint that it might be Starlink related but uncertainty remains.

Highlight 2: October 29, 2014 - A rather mesmerising display took place over the skies of Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, United States. According to multiple reports, five red circular objects were seen amalgamating into a large red circular object, captivating the onlookers. This large object then emitted a thin red burst upward, before gradually descending and vanishing below the tree line. Witnesses described the event as lasting for about a minute, marking it as an exceptionally notable sighting.

Highlight 3: October 22-23, 2014 - Mere days before the spectacular red-light merger event, there were notable sightings from Hamilton, Mississippi, United States. On October 22, 2014, witnesses reported observing three very bright lights forming a perfect triangle in the eastern sky. Remarkably, these lights remained motionless and silent before disappearing after thirty seconds. The following day, October 23, five reddish-orange orbs, resembling large twinkling stars arranged in an ‘N’ formation, were reported. After a display of about three minutes, they faded out and disappeared. The event left the witnesses in awe and speculations.

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it's there every night just flying around it's circular with lights around it

Craft emits no light or sound flys over just able to see reflection and blacked out stars as it passed I happened to walk outside around 11 at night ...

Circular aircraft casting green spiral light flying north from the gulf. Driving on the I-10 east near the canal st exit, a circular strobing green l...

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