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bright lights on/off seem like all connected about 4 meters across up to like 8b-10 lights diff colors and seemed to he spinning and looked like debry was coming off light as it spun. have video

Diamond shaped craft split into 2 different entities one sun color the other turning purple low altitude about 3 thousand feet up and very close as well.Clear night and as always I see these.

Wtf is this hat appears everyday. not satelites according stelarium or heavens above.


cold about 35 degrees clear skys this one is hanging low as you can see by the power lines it changes shape and color,Purple,Red, Green,Orange,White,Blue and is moving around and still there now Almost a hour

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On September 29, 2023, a witness reported a sighting on the famed TR3B, which is known to be extraterrestrial technology but allegedly owned by our military. This report gained a significant interest with six positive votes and the sighting was noted to have taken place in Odessa, Texas, United States. The witness insisted it's: "ET technology but it's owned by our military let it be known".

Earlier, on September 28, 2023, another eye-catching event was reported in Sherman, Texas, United States. The observer described a bright burst of white light high in the sky, which lasted for about five seconds. According to the observer, it could have been seen within a 60 mile radius given its brightness and elevation. The sighting, which didn't look like a shooting star and more like something leaving Earth, was intriguing enough to earn three positive votes.

Finally, on August 29, 2023, a unique sighting was reported in Memphis, Texas, United States. The observer described an encounter with a UFO that was a flat metallic disc-like shape with two tiny black dots circling the aircraft. The craft was observed to have a greenish light source and was seen moving towards the South West. The sighting, witnessed by the observer and his father, was thrilling enough to gain two positive votes.

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it's known as the TR3B it's ET technology but it's owned by our military let it be known

bright burst of white light in the sky lasted about 5 seconds just long enough for me two realize it happened looked like a star but vanished like som...

we saw 1 ufo it had lights on it. it was going pretty fast and it looked like it was comeing down so we jumped off the truck then it was gone it was s...