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An object of triangular shape flew over the sky at a reasonable height, for about an hour and then disappeared.

I was on the ship returning from Sicily to Genoa, I got up from bed, I had a headache, I leaned with my face on the window to feel the cold, in the meantime I was watching the sea waves outside, at one point I see a sphere coming out of the water going up towards the stars, I told myself what a wonder, I was looking for it with my eyes at the end of my search I made. bingo, I saw it again but this time I took the phone, I made a video but you can't see anything, you only hear my breathing for two minutes, the time I was watching this ball of light spinning near the windows, even when it approached I lowered myself to not be seen, it was traumatic, because I've been looking for it all my life, everyone I told all said it's not true, but I know what I felt and what I saw, I was near the island of Ischia exactly on the day there was the landslide.

Was driving down Blacklick Road right at the intersection of Cobb Road, on my way to work early one morning. Weather was clear & the moon was out bright. I noticed a very bright looking star so I slowed down & started to watch it. It started moving at very fast speeds & zig zagging across the sky. The object made several fast turns & darts. I observed it for about 30 seconds before it just took off & never seen again. No blinking lights, no sound & no aircraft or aviation lights. The object looked like a star but alot closer & brighter. The light would dim then get super bright again until it disappeared.

while driving home from work I started to admire the beautiful fall sky of idaho I stopped the car and took a picture a couple of days later I decided to edit the photo a little while editing an image started to appear I believe this may be a uap of a cigar shape i did not see this anomaly with my eyes it was my camera that picked up the image

I was driving back home from nichol mill ln toward my apt. then a blue light just appeared in front of my car and stopped in the middle of the road, then I tried to turn on my go pro camera attached on the windshield of my car, and the light move up to the left side of my car around 30 ft. and then started to moving forward toward academy sports...I followed it until the light stopped over the top of burger King...I parked grabbing my phone to record it and then disappeared over the trees...really fast....unfortunately no images or videos, it was acting really Smart like ita was reading my mind...this is the third time that I saw the same ball of light.

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On September 16, 2022, a peculiar sighting occurred in Franklin, Tennessee. A witness described a blue light appearing in front of their car, behaving intelligently and, seemingly reading their mind, moved sporadically before completely disappearing. The object was followed to the top of a Burger King before it vanished over the trees. Interestingly, the same ball of light has reportedly been seen on three separate occasions.

A week earlier on September 9, 2022, another unusual event transpired in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. An unidentified object, described as a glistening, bright ball, moved unpredictably across the sky as if exploring unfamiliar territory. The abnormal speed and sudden stops raise questions about the object's origins. Visual evidence was captured on video where, when slowed down, it appears to shape-shift and change color.

  • Finally in Portugal, Portimão on August 18, 2022, another unexplained incident was noted. A resident witnessed four large, semi-transparent orange orbs flying at incredibly low altitudes at a high speed above their house. Notably, the orbs remained in an equidistant formation. This sighting greatly affected the witness, causing them discomfort and sleepless nights for a week following the event.
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