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it's been going on for a.while.naw I see it every other night it always goes in the watch it all the time it goes different colours from red to a.bright.white.colour and not all the time but some times it changes shape it's really mad to watch but it's really interested it's always dark and at night when every ones a.sleep but I'm watching and when I'm up to it 1 night I'm going to walk up and record it and see what's going on coz this has been.going on for a while naw ever since I move in my room I started seeing it every other night but I will get to the bottom of it haha I will wright.another 1 if it keeps going on thanks for reading this this is the.gods.honest truth what I'm wrighting I've got no reason to lie

I see a objected in the sky every other night it's always there it goes different colleges it's always there for a few hours it goes big and goes in a different shape it's always in the same place and it goes very low and disserpears but where it's at there's lots of feels I'm going to have a walk up some time but it's always dark and at night

partly cloudy sun was up and it's there always daily it was close about 8 thousand feet up it changes shape,Moves fast and slow it shows up at dusk at night then leaves about a hour and a half after sun up

looks like a star but moves in any direction was 42 degrees clear skies

Blue Orb UFO. NW Moore. Drifting south to north. it was slow but not as slow as a plane. it was out of my view within 15 seconds. I would say it was a few city blocks away from me weather was clear

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Highlight 1: On October 5th, 2023, a unique sighting was reported in south Portugal at around 20:34 (UTC +1). An object, different from a typical aircraft or satellite, was spotted moving south to north and reaching about 40° height to the East. This object, described as blinking intensively and faster than a normal aircraft, didn't make a sound. The observer, despite being a keen night sky watcher, mentioned never having seen something like this. The raw footage can be viewed here.

Highlight 2: Another sighting occurred in the United States, specifically Oklahoma, on October 5th, 2023. The observers were a mother and child driving when they noticed something strange in the sky. They described it as an all-white object, sizeable like a big airliner but with no visible markings. At first, it was moving but then seemed to descend towards the ground, after which they lost sight of it. The object was described as resembling a white tic-tac.

Highlight 3: On October 4th, 2023, a mysterious incident was reported in Scotland, United Kingdom. A silver object was spotted sitting still in the morning sky for about twenty seconds before it abruptly moved vertically upward at a high speed and disappeared. This sighting intrigued many, sparking different interpretations of the unusual occurrence.

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