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Welcome to the UFO Sightings Community, a platform all about UFO and UAP reports. Enthusiasts, believers, interested people and people who have simply seen something inexplicable meet here. Become part of the community and help us get closer to the inexplicable phenomena in heaven. Here's what makes our community special:

Worldwide UFO reports in one place

Discover a huge collection of UFO sightings from every corner of the world. Whether you're curious about recent UFO sightings in 2023 or looking to explore UFO hotspots, our interactive map is the right place.

Discover UFO Hotspots

Curious about areas with frequent UFO sightings? Our interactive map showcases UFO hotspots, This allows you to conduct more professional research into UFO activity.

Share and Connect

Have you witnessed something unexplainable in the sky? Share your experiences with a community that understands and values your story. Every narrative, every photo, and every video you share helps us piece together the larger puzzle and engage other witnesses to come forward.

A Safe Space for Witnesses

We recognize the challenges and skepticism that come with discussing UFO topics. Our platform offers a safe haven for witnesses to process and share their experiences anonymously. Your privacy is our utmost priority.

Community-Driven Content

At UFO Sightings, we believe in the power of collective knowledge. Our platform is entirely community-driven, ensuring authentic and uncensored content. We don't filter or censor any reports; instead, we let our community vote. Reports with excessive negative votes are automatically removed, ensuring the integrity and credibility of our database.

Our Mission

Beyond just reports and discussions, our key goal is to connect witnesses from around the globe. We aim to collect crucial information about the UFO phenomenon, fostering a better understanding and awareness of the mysteries that surround us.

The UFO Sightings App

Our app is the heart of our community. It brings together a global community of enthusiasts, witnesses and believers, all united by their passion for the unexplainable. Browse real-time reports, discover UFO hotspots on an interactive map, and share your own experiences with just a few taps.

Whether you are an experienced UFO researcher or your interest in the subject has just been piqued, the UFO sighting app offers a seamless and immersive experience. Get notified when a UFO is spotted near you, participate in discussions and become part of a community looking for answers. Download now and embark on a quest that goes beyond our earthly understanding.

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